Amazing Story

Froots was conceptualized with the idea of offering the freshest possible, least miles travelled, chemical, pesticide and microbial contamination free vegetables.

Healthy requires healthy food​

FROOTS, the idea of living healthy!

We are living a fast paced life, tied to goals and achievement. Everything that is fast, convenient and does not take our mind space fits in the best.  And, with this the very essence of what kept our earlier generations healthy and fit is completely lost.

What you put inside your body defines how your body reacts in the long run. It is not just the junk food we eat, but the challenge lies at the very origin of human food chain – soil, water, seed and to add to that chemicals and pesticides!

A constant concern for individuals – lack of traceability of source, where the veggies are grown, no standards to ensure the quality, tabloids covering news of chemicals and colors being infused in raw produce….the list goes on! These issues were top of the mind for us as well, and we deliberated how we can make a difference

FROOTS ‘Food with good Roots’ was conceptualized with the idea of offering the freshest possible, least miles travelled, chemical, pesticide and microbial contamination free vegetables. 

Roots being the very origin of all that we sow and reap, we wanted to ensure quality right at the source. We want to change the way we treat our food, and create a habit of choosing our vegetables with a conscious mind. We want to be a part of your health journey. 

Our endeavor is to encourage the consumption of non-GMO, pesticide free, fresh plant based food. We intend to make freshest possible, raw produce available in right quantity, suitably packed, at the required time and with minimal logistics hassle. It can be grown organically/naturally using the traditional growing techniques in soil or utilize alternative farming techniques to grow without soil.

 We are carefully selecting high quality, fresh produce from selected quality certified farms and providing it at the doorstep of consumers.  Our approach is holistic…we bring you the best produce, we co-grow with the farmers and we ensure the environment is taken care of! We use bio-degradable packaging with least waste generated, we promote alternative farming techniques  (aquaponics, hydroponics) thus utilizing 80% lesser water for farming,  promotion non-GMO seeds and organic farms. We believe, we need to nature the environment in the process. 

“Good Food for all consumers and Fair income for all producers in an environmental friendly way”

Our Vision

Quality, right at the source - Sourcing your vegetables


Quality is our hallmark!

FROOTS team is working towards making a difference on the quality of greens we consume. We are sourcing vegetables directly from the farms to ensure quality, know the source of the vegetables, ensure lesser time from harvest to on your plate and least miles travelled.

The team ensures we visit each farm we source from; the produce is put through rigorous quality tests to ensure the farm follows all quality practices and is FSSAI certified. In addition, the produce is tested at our partner labs at the time of farm onboarding and at periodic intervals to maintain quality standards.

We believe the agritech breakthroughs like protected vertical farming (Aquaponics, Aeroponics and Hydroponics) combined with natural and organic farming is the key for sustainable, pure, food sufficiency in environmental friendly way. These new agricultural technologies trigger higher yields and resource optimization. We believe in bringing these benefits to our customers.

So, choose your mingle/single box and choose health! Choose FROOTS, Food with good Roots!

Meet Our Stellar team

Shefalika Sharma

Over 16 years of experience in business strategy, financial modelling, business planning and corporate finance. Being an angel investor, she's been working with 15+ SMEs and start-ups mentoring them on strategy and finance aspects. Her passion for farming stems from her graduation days in GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. Post her MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, she still dreamt of getting back to Agriculture and that's how Froots got conceptualised.

Arti Saxena

Over 16 years of experience in consultative sales, business development and marketing in technology and banking sector, she has lead sales and business for international geographies, helped with new business set-up in large organizations, build business strategy and execution plans for building scalable service portfolios. Arti has a BS in Mathematics from Bhopal University and an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies​

Rohit Dhamane

Over 2+ years of experience in Implementation of Sustainable Agriculture practices amongst farmer network in Maharashtra, New product development in fruits and vegetable segment, Product catalogue management and digital marketing. He is B. Tech Agricultural Engineer from DBSKKV, Dapoli and has completed PG dimploma in Agri-Business Management also he is certified digital marketer.