Mints are basically aromatic plants with erect branches and leaves growing on them. It is known as pudina in local language. The most consumed part of mint is their small, oval shaped leaves with slightly popping veins. The leaves are dark green in colour and have a serrated margin. The word mint itself has become a trademark for its smell. So it is best to say that mint plant smells refreshing just like mint. It has a cool, distinctive taste which leaves a soothing after effect. Mint originally came from Mediterranean region and now it has spread to almost all parts of the world. There are thousands of different ways of using mint. You can eat it raw, flavour your salads with it, prepare some chutneys or dips, make some refreshing drinks, tea, desserts etc.

Nutritional Content

  • Mint is not just another good tasting herb, but it packs loads of nutrition in it.
  • Mint contains minerals like calcium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc and copper along with vitamin A, C and B6.
  • It is known to improve symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome as it contains menthol.
  • Multiple studies have proven that mint has a very soothing effect on our digestive system and can cure problems like constipation.
  • Mint is known to cure cold and cough related problems since time immemorial. It acts as a decongestant and makes breathing easier during cold.
  • It surely is used in many hygiene products for mouth as its regular use may mask bad breath.
  • Mints are cultivated in our farms and hydroponic systems completely free of chemicals. So all you need to order from us and it will be harvested on the same morning of delivery date, packed and delivered with utmost care and hygiene.


Storage – Shelf Life

To store fresh mint, place them in a bag which has enough air circulation. Place the bag in the crisper drawer of your fridge and it will last for around 7 to 10 days. Alternatively you can also dry the leaves in sun and store them in an air tight container.


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