Batavia Red Lettuce



This variety of lettuce has large wavy leaves or as people say jagged edged leaves. The leaves are thick, crispy, with a lustrous green colour and gradually becomes dark red at the ends. It is believed to be a native salad green of Ancient Egypt. The leaves add a crunch to your food with a slightly bitter yet pleasant taste as it offers little bit of sweetness. The leaves are loosely attached, giving it an appearance of semi rosette pattern. You can add this to your salads, burgers, wraps, sandwiches or experiment with something new too. It is also known as summer crisp lettuce.

Nutritional Content

  • Like all other lettuce members, Batavia lettuce is super low in calories and very high in nutrition. So if you are trying to lose weight it will be a perfect addition to your diet.
  • It is packed with vitamin A and K which is really good for your eyesight and will maintain a proper blood pressure.
  • Batavia lettuce is loaded with antioxidants which are required by our body to fight against harmful free radicles.
  • It is very hydrating, hence will fulfil the water requirement of your body.
  • The Batavia lettuces are cultivated without any harmful chemicals. Most of the salad greens are cultivated in our hydroponic farms. Our team makes sure that the produce is harvested on the same morning when it is supposed to be delivered. At Froots, you can be assured that you are eating salad greens of best quality.


Storage – Shelf Life

You can store it in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator after wrapping it in a plastic bag or a container to maintain proper humidity and temperature. You can store red lettuce for 5 to 7 days.


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