Red Amaranthus



Red Amaranthus is a leafy vegetable with small red or deep maroon coloured leaves. the shape of leaves are oval and sometimes pointed from one end. It originated from Central America. The young leaves are tender and taste a little sweet but mature ones are slightly bitter and crunchy in taste. It can be used in salads and soups but is mostly used to make vegetables locally. It somewhat represents mustard in taste but milder and less peppery.

Nutritional Content

  • Amaranthus red are full of essential nutrients for us. It is high in iron which is good for people suffering from anaemia.
  • It also packs a punch of digestive fibre which is really good for improving digestion and in relieving problems like constipation. It is also super low in calories which is good for your weight loss regimes.
  • It is a good source of vitamin A which improves your vision and vitamin C which will boost your immune system too.
  • Red amaranth is gluten free so no worries for the people who are allergic.
  • It is rich in calcium which is good for bones and teeth and it even reduces bad cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Red Amaranthus is harvested fresh on the same day of delivery. It is produced without the use of any harmful chemicals. Our team assures that all our produce is packed hygienically and delivered to you with utmost care.


Storage – Shelf Life

Store the leaves along with stems in a zipper bag or plastic containers and keep it in a refrigerator. Red Amaranthus loses moisture too fast so it is better to wrap the stems in a damp paper towel or cloth. It can be stored for 3 to 5 days in proper temperature and moisture conditions.


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