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Cluster beans are commonly known as guar faliand are widely consumed as vegetable. It originated from West Africa and India. They look small and are flat as compared to other beans. They grow in bunch and are light green in colour. They taste slightly bitter but it can be changed by adding different types of flavours, spices and condiments. They usually consumed after being cooked in form of vegetables, curries, sambhars etc.

Nutritional content

  • It contains significant amount of calcium and phosphorous and small quantity of iron and protein.

  • Cluster beans have high soluble fibre which helps in curing issues of constipation and indigestion.

  • It is very low in calories so it is good for your weight loss regimes.

  • It is good for bones, reduces hypertension and cholesterol levels in our body.

  • Froots make sure that all our cluster beans are cultivated organically and evaluated for any harmful chemicals or substances. They are packed and delivered to you with utmost care and hygiene.


Storage – shelf life

You can store them by wrapping in a newspaper or in an air tight container in a refrigerator for around 5 o 7 days. Cluster beans go bad and lose moisture really quick so it is advised to consume them as soon as possible.


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