Fruity Veggies

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Fruity Veggies

Amuse yourself and your family with the mouth watering flavours of fruity veggies available with us. Prepare healthy and colourful meals with the variety of veggies brought to you by Froots. We have vegetables of varied flavours– from sweet juicy tomatoes to spicy chillies. With so many choices available, you don’t need to worry about your next meal. These veggies will be perfect for a quick bite or for a full three course meal. So stop wondering and start ordering fresh fruity veggies, delivered right at your door step!

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Let’s face it, not only kids but even adults struggle toinclude all the vegetables in their diet, even though we know how important they are. So why don’t we try and prepare meals which are a treat, not just to our taste buds but to our eyes too. You can create healthy and colourful meals by our collection of fruity veggies. These fresh vegetables are source of many essential minerals and nutrients and helps our immune system work more efficiently against diseases. Here is a list of fruity veggies available with us along with their benefits.

Refreshing Cucumbers

Cucumbers are hydrating, revitalizing low calorie food. They can be used in salads, smoothies, pickles and even in cakes! Feeling dehydrated during the heat of scorching summer? Have some cucumbers as they are made up of about 96% water. But don’t misunderstand them as just a source of rehydration. Even though they are very low in calories these little green veggies pack ample amounts of antioxidants, vitamins C, A, B and loads of fibre. It keeps our skin and hair healthy. It makes us feel full which indirectly aids us in loosing weight as we consume less calories. We have a variety of cucumbers from which you can choose from –
Baby snacking cucumbers – They are small in size and are perfect for consuming as snacks.
English cucumbers –They have relatively thinner and with smaller seeds than normal cucumbers and can grow up to 12 inches in length. You can crunch right through them without peeling!
Turkish cucumbers – They are 5-6 inches long cucumbers. Other than this rest of the characters are same as English cucumbers.

Fresh juicy tomatoes –

Tomatoes make everything taste better. They can be sweet or tangy in flavour depending upon their maturity. There is hardly any meal which can be made without tomatoes. We can eat them raw, cooked, grilled, steamed or prepare smoothies, curries, soups, pizzas, burgers and what not!
These round red fruity veggies are full of nutrients like vitamin C, K, B9 and potassium. Besides this, they are known for providing lycopene, chlorogenic acid (antioxidants) which is known for aiding in fighting cancer and heart related diseases. Tomatoes are also an excellent source of hydration as they contain approximately 95% water. No need to stick to the basic conventional type of tomatoes, we have a wide range of tomatoes available for you.
Tomatoes – These are regular red coloured tomatoes which you can use in your day to day cooking. They taste good in almost everything. They enhance the flavours of dishes and are very good for making curries and sauces.
Beefstake tomatoes – They are veryjuicy, large in sizeand have a mild flavour. They can be used for creating dips, sauces or can be grilled for pizzas and burgers.
Cherry tomatoes – Cherry tomatoes are tiny variants of actual tomatoes. They are basically bite sized treats which pack abundant flavours in them. Use them in salads, as dressings for desserts, in savoury dishes or just pop them up directly as candies. They will taste good in all forms. To sweeten up the deal we have them in three colour variants that you can order– red, yellow and even black!

Colourful bell peppers

Whenever it comes to adding colours or textures in our foods, bell peppers are a perfect fit. They can convert any simple or boring looking dish in to a vibrant and appetisingone. These peppers just don’t add colours but are equally nutritious. They are rich in vitamins like A, B6, K, E, B9. They maintain good health of your eyes and also prevent anaemia. These fruity veggies are juicy and have a mild flavour. You can eat them raw, sauteed, grilled, stuffed, in pastas and pizzas as well. A variety of bell peppers are available with us. You can choose between green, red and yellow bell pepper. In fact why choose, add all types of bell peppers to make your food colourful and nutritious.
Snacky peppers
These are miniature versions of bell peppers. They can be eaten raw and have fewer seeds as compared to regular bell peppers. Add some snacky peppers to your shopping cart as enjoy the perfect bite sized snack today.

Spicy and hot – Green chillies

We Indians love spice in our food and green chillies are perfect to provide us with that. It is better to add hotness to our food using fresh green chillies rather than using red chilli powder. Green chillies are full of nutrients like vitamins C, B6, K, A and minerals like copper and potassium. Their hot flavour is contributed by a compound known as ‘Capsaicin’. Order green fresh green chillies from us and prepare spicy hot curries, chilli pastes, chutneys or even stuffed chillies!

Nutritious Broccoli

Get your daily protein dose with the help of fresh broccoli delivered from us. With a nice mild flavour, it can be easily consumed in varied forms. Broccoli can be roasted, stir fried or you can even add it in pastas or soups. Eat it raw or steam it for a few minutes to soften the edible parts and you are good to go. This green vegetable is a mini packet full of nutrients. It has vitamin B, C, K and minerals like potassium, magnesium and iron. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level of body, improves health of eyes and prevent diseases like cancers. It is a decent source of fibre and protein as compared to other green vegetables.

Ditch the green – Buy some red cabbage

Bored of eating the normal green cabbage? Why not switch to red cabbage then? We are providing bright purplish reddish cabbage to you. Add this to your daily routine to be eaten raw or it can be sauteed with some vinegar or olive oil to be eaten as a side dish. This cruciferous vegetable is very high in dietary fibre content which will aids in digestion and it also helps in relieving constipation. Red cabbage contains high amounts of vitamin D which help us in maintaining a good bone health. It also packs antioxidants in it which helps in preventing cancer and heart related ailments.

So what’s stopping you from adding all these healthy fruity veggies in your diet? With so many options available, you can prepare a variety of meals which will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also fulfil your nutritional requirements. Our team puts constant effort in delivering freshly harvested veggies to you. We always keep in mind the health of our consumers. All our produce is free of chemicals and any type of harmful residues. Your health is our wealth! Don’t hesitate and give us a chance to fulfil all your requirements of fresh veggies.