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Add exciting flavours and aroma to your food with the range of herbs offered by us. Follow age old traditions of our Indian culture which used herbs to boost the power of our immune system. Order fresh and flavourful herbs from us to prepare healing potions or as we say ‘kadhas’ to get rid of that sore throat, cough, cold etc. We bring to you a wide variety of herbs which were not available so fresh before. Use them as herbal medicine or home remedies to prevent diseases like cancer, cardiac problems, diabetes, stomach ailments, throat issues, skin problems etc.

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Our ancestors understood the importance of herbs in our diet and the role they play in fighting against diseases.Today we all are aware that certainailments can be prevented just by consuming herbs and boosting our immune system instead of treating them. Why not make it a habit to consume fresh herbs regularly? Froots is always at your serviceto fulfil your daily requirements, we have a variety of herbs from which you can choose from.

Aromatic Basil

Countless studies have proven that basil has immense potential to fight a wide spectrum of diseases. It has anti-inflammatory (due to presence of essential oils),anti-cancerous (due to presence of phytochemicals), antibacterial, antiviralas well as antifungal properties. Basil leaves can be consumed fresh on salads or can be sprinkled upon pizzas and pastas. You can also prepare hot and cold drinks infused with basil. Froots offer you different varieties of basil to choose from.
Sweet Basil – It has dark green coloured leaves and has a spicy aroma. Mostly used in Italian dishes.
Greek basil – It has small oval green leaves and its flavour is slightly mild with a strong aroma.
Italian Basil – Use it in making soup, salad, crostini, bruschetta, pizza and pasta. It has a strong aroma and a sweet flavour.

Zesty Lemon Grass

This herb is very commonly used to give a distinct flavour of lemon in tea. The stalkof lemon grass is also added to many Southeast Asian dishes. It reduces inflammation and helps in relieving pain and anxiety. Lemon grass is very good for oral hygiene too. Order it from us and enjoy the citrusy flavour of lemon grass.

Refreshing Mint

It has wide variety of uses from a mouth freshener to a stomach soother. This herb tastes good in its fresh as well as in its dried form. You can consume it by infusing it in drinks combined with lemon to create an exhilarating flavour. Chop some fresh leaves of mint on your salad or chocolate dip to enjoy that minty freshness. You can choose between mint and peppermint as both are available at Froots. Peppermint has higher menthol content(approximately 40%) in comparison to mint.

Sweet and spicy – Oregano

This herb belongs to the family of mint. We all love its flavour when sprinkled upon salads, pizzas, pastas or garlic breads in its dried form. Fresh leaves can also be added during cooking to experience its rich flavour. Oregano is a very good herbal medicine which helps in treating skin problems, asthma, cramping, diarrhoea, indigestion and cold. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a very good source of calcium, phosphorous, potassium and folate.

Rosemary – Bundle of flavours

Mint family offers us a lot of flavourful herbs and rosemary is one of them. It is a perfect addition for your culinary delights. It is a good source of calcium, iron and vitamin B6. Besides adding delightful flavours and aroma in your food, this herb is also used as a traditional medicine which helps in improving digestion, enhancing memory, improves brain activity and most importantly it prevents macular degeneration (Vision gets blurry with age).

Peppery Thyme

Thyme also belongs to the mint family. No other herb or spice has the ability to replace thyme due to its peculiar taste. Order fresh thyme from us and sprinkle it over your soups, veggies and other dishes to get that natural spicy flavour. Thyme helps in relieving cough and cold. So next time your throat itches or you have a cough order some fresh thyme and basil leaves from us and prepare yourself a soothing hot drink.
These herbs are not just flavour enhancers but have countless properties which help us in improving our health. All the herbs at our associate farms are grown and harvested sustainably. Our team is always innovating and helping the farmers to produce organically and environment friendly products. All the produce is harvested the same day, packed, stored and delivered to you with utmost care and hygiene. Don’t wait any longer and fill your house with the natural aromas of herbs.