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Salad Box

Surprises in the form of fresh, juicy and aromatic salad boxes are the best. Whether it is for yourself or for your loved ones or friends. Treat yourself with varieties of salad greens, microgreens or leafy veggies delivered to you at your door stop. Fulfil your requirement of essential nutrients by ordering fresh farm produce from us. Enjoy various exotic flavours from the comfort of your home. Choose your favourite mingle box from the options available and revel in the benefits with your family and friends. Order our mingle boxes with each component retaining its distinct flavour profile and also bodes well with each other.

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With the goodness of freshly harvested farm produce along with live plants, Froots offers you mingle boxes. By opting for these boxes you will get crunchy leaves of microgreens or veggies along with juicy cherry tomatoes. You will also receive live plants of lettuce from which you can directly harvest the leaves and consume them. Isn’t it something interesting to eat? Don’t wait any longer and mingle your taste buds with our Mingle boxes.

Mingle box

This box contains a mixture of 100 grams of fresh juicy cherry tomatoes, 50 grams of aromatic fresh basil leaves and two live plants of crunchy lettuce. All these amazing elements mingle together in one box. Cherry tomatoes are basically bite sized treats which pack abundant flavours in them. Pamper yourself with a hot cup of tea infused with fresh basil leaves. Have some lettuce along with your salad or other dishes like sandwiches or burgers. All these elements are very good for boosting your immune system and provide your body with essential nutrients like vitamin C, K, B9, potassium, calcium and iron.

Micro Mingle box

Don’t get yourself confused with the name. This micro mingle box is a blast of nutrients for your body. It contains basil, kale, arugula or salad rocket, baby spinach, lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes all in one box. It packs a variety of flavours from sweet tomatoes to tangy arugula. This box contains kale which is no less than superfood. The components in this box are loaded with antioxidants which will help you in fighting cancer and heart related diseases. They also contain vitamins like A,C,K, B complex and minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Kale is a very good supplement for people suffering from diabetes.

Mini Mingle Box

If you don’t want things to go to waste and just want to eat a little portion, mini mingle box will be a perfect choice for you. It consists of 50 grams of cherry tomatoes, 25 grams basil and one live plant of lettuce. These elements are just enough for your healthy salad and a perfect cup of tea. You can use the cherry tomatoes in salads, as dressings for desserts, in savoury dishes or just pop them up directly as candies. Lettuce always packs a crunch with it. Add it to your salads along with the cherry tomatoes. You can use basil as dressing for your salad or for making some refreshing beverages.

Order yourself a fresh box of veggies today itself and enjoy the various exotic flavours all packed together. Our team will assure the best quality of products which are delivered to you and you just need to worry about what to order next? Sit back and relax and relish yourself with the goodness of all the elements of mingle boxes. All the products are fresh, organic and delivered to you as soon as they are harvested. We are regularly upgrading our services and you can help us by subscribing us. Get yourself one of these boxes packed with nutrients in the comfort of your own home. Start ordering, start mingling!