Mini-Mingle Box

Cherry Tomatoes50 gms
Basil25 gms
Lettuce1 Live Plant


With the goodness of freshly harvested farm produce along with live plants, Froots offers you mini mingle boxes. As the name suggests, this box is perfect for one person. You will receive 25 grams of basil and 50 grams of cherry tomatoes. You will also receive live plants of lettuce from which you can directly harvest the leaves and consume them. If you don’t want things to go to waste and just want to eat a little portion, mini mingle box will be a perfect choice for you. Isn’t it something interesting to eat? Don’t wait any longer and mingle your taste buds with our Mingle boxes.

Nutritional Content

  • These elements are just enough for your healthy salad and a perfect cup of tea. You can use the cherry tomatoes in salads, as dressings for desserts, in savoury dishes or just pop them up directly as candies. Lettuce always packs a crunch with it. Add it to your salads along with the cherry tomatoes. You can use basil as dressing for your salad or for making some refreshing beverages.
  • These elements are rich in antioxidants which will help your body in fighting harmful free radicles. Basil will help you relax and sooth your muscles after a long day of work. While lettuce will help you digest your food better and will help you keep your weight in check.

Storage – Shelf Life

All the elements have different storage requirements. The salad greens should be stored in an air tight container or a zipper bag and should be refrigerated while tomatoes can be kept in the crisper drawer. These can be stored for 4 to 7 days.


While we work to ensure that product information is up to date and accurate, we recommend to go through the ingredient list, labels, batch information, warnings and directions before consuming the product. The image(s) shown are representative of actual product. Please note that the product delivered might vary slightly in size, shape or colour. The actual weight of individual product may vary. Hence you will be billed based on the actual weight during processing.

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