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Honey is a sweet juice or liquid which is made by our buzzing friends – the honeybees. These little insects have the incredible gift of collecting nectar from flowers and converting it into honey. Unlike man – made sugary syrups that are being passed off as ‘honey’, we bring you hundred percent organic, safe, and chemical-free bottles of honey.. We bring you the freshness of raw honey straight from the mountains, meadows and forests of Uttarakhand, ready for consumption.


As a natural healer

Honey has been popularised as a natural, ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Ayurveda also talks about the benefits of consuming honey on a regular basis. It is known to be very good for our oral hygiene as it prevents toothaches and bad breath. It also helps in healing wounds, cuts or skin burns.


For acid reflux

Due to our unhealthy food habits and irregularity in consuming meals, many of us suffer from acid reflux. Well, we’ve got you covered. Consumption of a tablespoon of honey may help you relieve excess acid in your stomach, giving you freedom from aching stomachs and burning throats.


For cough and cold

Honey is highly beneficial for your throat and infections in your throat and neck area. You can have it by dissolving it in a cup of tea, which can help you cure your sore throat and provide relief from the discomfort caused by it. Honey combined with basil, black pepper and a dash of ginger helps in curing colds and coughs. Honey can also prove very useful for people suffering from asthma.


For skin and hair

Honey cleanses and soothes our skin and hair. It acts as a natural moisturiser for our skin and scalp, giving us that dazzling, gorgeous shine we all need. It helps in clearing your hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.


After having a look at honey’s many uses, it’s time to move onto the good stuff. The most common use of honey in culinary areas is in beverages. Add a tablespoon of honey in beverages such as tea or healing potions (kadhas) instead of sugar. You can add it to your cocktails or smoothies too, for a unique and glorious taste only honey can provide. Why stop at drinks? Besides desserts, honey proves to be very good in balancing out the sometimes unbearable heat of spicy foods. You can use honey to make honey chilli potatoes, lemon honey chicken, honey glazed carrots, veg and non-veg kebabs and more. You can also make cookies or candies, add it to your oatmeal or cereal, or drizzle it on top of pancakes as a topping. The possibilities are endless! So go ahead, order some honey from us today and start experimenting!


Attributes of honey by Froots

Our team will always make sure to deliver you the best quality product, a hundred percent of the time. The bee keeping process implemented in the growth of the bees that produce our honey is completely sustainable and organic. The honey is collected and packed in its purest form, with no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners. The colour of honey varies from light yellowish to deep brown or amber coloured. This variation arises due to different kinds of flowers on which the bees feed upon. Dark coloured honey is usually more rich in nutrients.As the nectar is collected from different species of flowers, (which is why we call our honey “multiflora)”which grow in hilly regions, our honey has a distinctive flavour and recognisable dark amber colour profile. Our honey also has high viscosity and low moisture content so that you can preserve it for a longer duration without adding any preservatives. Honey with low viscosity is more runny and liquid in nature which results in it being low in quality.


Certification of honey

There are multiple organisations which can certify the same product. Every organisation or authority has different protocols and standards which are to be followed by the producers in order to be certified. To make an informed decision, one should know about the various certification agencies.


ISO 22000/ FSMS certificate – This certificate verifies that the production of honey, from the very first step up until the delivery of product to the consumer, has been conducted by following the essential principles of food safety. It indicates that this honey is safe and suitable for human consumption.


FSSAI – The Certificate of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a must for all types of food production or selling businesses. Under this, AGMARK has laid down certain rules for production of honey. For instance, it should be free from antibiotics or any foreign material like dirt, beeswax, suspended particles, food additives, food colouring etc.


NMR certificate – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance test is a very advanced test and one of the most reliable certificates for honey. It certifies the purity of honey. Most of these tests are conducted in the INTERTEK laboratory of Germany. It is an all round test for honey in which it has to pass parameters like scanning quality, adulteration and authenticity to get certified. It also ensures that there are no added preservatives or sugary syrups.


“The Multiflora Honey by Froots is FSSAI and NMR certified. “


We can ensure that it will be the best quality honey you have ever consumed. Once you have tasted the goodness of raw, unprocessed honey, there is no turning back. You can pick your container size between a 55 grams and a 500 grams pack. Start consuming at least a tablespoon of honey regularly. So, what are you waiting for? Make your life sweeter with some organic, completely chemical free honey by Froots..


Bonus – Some interesting facts about honey

  • Our buzzing friends need to visit approximately 4 million flowers to make a single kilogram (2.2 pounds) of honey.
  • Nearly 80% of insect pollination is done by honey bees. Almonds are completely dependent on these bees.
  • Many other crops such as the apple, avocado, blueberries and sunflower crops depend on honey bees for pollination.
  • A single bee beats its wings approximately 11,400 times every minute, making the familiar buzzing sound.

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